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Our line of Stand Up bags with different sizes allows your product great exposure on the shelf.

We offer tailor your bag manufactured with different structures, colors and specific barriers to protect their product, can fit Zipper, perforations, labels, valves, etc.

Our pre bags - formed with side gussets are available with a wide range of colors, styles and sizes

We offer different styles of seal, dorsal, lateral or seal on all 4 corners. Our bags can be installed de-gas valve on the front panel or rear panel.

Our Coffee bags are manufactured with 4-ply laminates that provide the necessary barrier conserver your product.

Our bags can be installed Tin Tie, valves de-gas or labels which adds high value to your product

(Flat Pouches) known as pillow bag is a perfect solution for many products, this package provides high versatility and efficiency packed and stored
Flat Pouch offer in different colors adding thereto can Zipper, des-gas Valve, labels, etc; lop which adds high value to your product
These bags can be opened from the top of the bag or the bottom thereof.
This pouch is the most used for product packaging since it is an economic, efficient and effective solution
 Bag in Box - Ideal packaging for large amounts of liquid products in order to maximize their transportation and packaging agility.
We offer monolayer and multilayer structures with high barrier to oxygen and water vapor. Our bags may have to drain system